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Every detail matters

North London Ontario's Auto & Motorcycle Detailing

"Only entrusting top quality, when it comes to your vehicle."

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Our vehicles have moments of highs and lows.

Some days they are performing at their best, and some days they need to get rest and have their own version of self care.

Here at Studio Detail that's where we step in. We love giving your vehicle our undivided attention to ensure no element goes unnoticed. From having honest and open discussions with our clients, outlining clear expectations, to delivering a job we are proud of. Studio Detail is here to help.

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Service FAQ's

Check out any of the options below to see a list of current service packages.

pH Appropriate Wash

From removing wax buildup, bird droppings, to bug casualties. We ensure your vehicle is being treated with exactly what it needs, to keep the paint as slick as possible. There is no "1 suds, fits all product", we carry multiple different "suds" to meet the vehicles condition. Are you an off-roader? Daily driver? Does it look like you drove through a bug swarm? We got you. We love having honest conversations with the client about what service we would recommend, answering questions, but also ensuring our clients know 'why'.

What is road grime?

Question, did you think that all that dusty look on your paint was just salt, sand, dust, or dirt? Yes, those do collect...but do you know what other ingredients make up that oh so 'delicious' cocktail stuck to your paint? It's also the not so wonderful things like brake dust from your vehicle, and others on the road, Sulphur, iron deposits, grease, tar, cement dust, bird droppings, bug casualties, and even tree sap, just to name a few. This definitely causes your vehicle to be a moving 'sticky situation'.  The longer they sit on the paint [especially bird and bugs, their leftovers are highly acidic]...they start to etch and breakdown parts of your clear coat. This is where a full decon auto wash comes into play.  A decon auto wash is the process of removing bonded foreign particles from the surface of your vehicles exterior. That doesn't get removed in a normal wash. It's done by a multi-step process of a special pH wash, which also removes old wax, claying of the paint and an iron decon.

Interior & Exterior Protection

When it comes to auto detailing, we prioritize the comprehensive protection of your vehicle's interior and exterior. From meticulous waxing to reliable UV protection, no detail goes unnoticed. A quality wax creates a protective barrier on the paint, preventing contaminants from reaching the clear coat. However, this barrier doesn't last indefinitely—hence, we recommend a wash and reapplication every 2-3 months. Additionally, we go the extra mile to safeguard your interior vinyls, plastics, leather, tires, and rims. Our specialized approach includes UV protection and conditioning, guarding against the sun—the ultimate nemesis of vehicles. We understand the adverse effects it can have, from baking grime onto the paint to fading and weakening interior components. The harsh rays can turn a fresh black dash into a dusty fade, while leather and tires become susceptible to cracking and deterioration. Just as we all need some form of sunscreen, your vehicle deserves the same level of care and protection. Trust us to provide the auto detailing expertise it deserves.

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23139 Highbury Ave N,

Denfield, ON

(North Bryanston)

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*Currently operating as pick-up & drop off, vehicle servicing. As no waiting room built yet.*

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