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Revive your ride's beauty and make heads turn with our premium auto detailing services, tailored to pamper your vehicle from top to bottom, inside and out!

All prices subject to HST

Booking deposit required for service - $30

  • All interior hard surfaces cleaned (including floor  mats)

  • Interior full vacuum (including trunk/cargo)

  • All glass cleaned

  • Leather cleaned (does not include conditioning)

  • Exterior dual bucket hand wash

  • Tires/Rims cleaned & dressed

       **Upgrade to decon wash and wax for $49**

              **Add leather conditioning for $29**

Basic Detail

2-4 hrs

(cars/5 seat SUV/regular cab truck-1 row seating)

 Starting @ $149

(van/7 seat suv/crew cab truck-2 row seating)

Starting @ $179

Complete Interior Steam Shampoo

2-4 hrs

Starting @ $149

  • Upholstery & Carpets 

Leather Clean & Condition

1-1.5 hrs

Starting @ $49

Paint Correction

Auto & Moto

Contact us for a free quote today.

Deluxe Detail

6-8 hrs

*recommend leaving vehicle for the day*

(cars/5 seat SUV/regular cab truck-1 row seating)

Starting @ $299

(van/7 seat suv/crew cab truck-2 row seating)

Starting @ $349

  • All services mentioned in Basic Detail

  • Interior steam and shampoo extraction (carpet/upholstery/seatbelts)

  • Plastic & vinyl UV protected/dressed

  • Leather conditioned

  • Exterior Decon wash (iron/fallout removal)

  • Clay bar paint & hand wax

Moto Detail

3-4 hrs

Starting @ $219

  • Decon wash

  • Wax all painted surfaces

  • Full engine shine

  • Leather cleaned & conditioned

Auto Window Tinting

IR Nano Ceramic

Contact us for a free quote today.

* Please note if you have heavy soiled areas or certain stains, please do your best to tell us what exactly the soiling is *

 Add On's:

  • Fabric Protection, Starting @ $59

  • Excessively soiled vehicles are applicable to additonal charge

  • Pet hair removal (light soiling $25/Excessive shedders $50-$100)

  • Headlight restoration $75

  • Engine bay cleaning $50 (If check engine light is presently on, we will not provide this service)

Maintenance Detail (Monthly Service)

Everything included in Basic Detail for 15% off service.

*Applicable to previous Deluxe Detail returning clients, starting maintenance service within past 2 months from Deluxe Detail servicing date.*

**Discount void if past 2 months from initial Deluxe Detail service date & if Maintenance Detail (Monthly Service) goes past 30 days from prior Maintenance Detail Service date** 

**The non-refundable deposit serves as a reservation for your service. In the event that the original booking date becomes inconvenient, the deposit can be transferred once to a new date.**

Click here to get your ride shining.

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