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What is the first thing you think of...when you look at your vehicle? Was there a bird (or 2...maybe 10) that have treated it as their fave hang out? Bug casualties just baking on the front end? Yesterdays coffee still sitting in the cupholder...and a bit in the carpet from that unexpected speed bump? You're not sure what exactly that smell is, you know it's from something but you just can't quite place it? Is it making you just feel, just kinda...meh?

Our vehicles have moments of highs and lows. Some days they are performing at their best, and some days they need to get rest and have their own version of self care.

Here at Studio Detail that's where we step in. We love giving your vehicle our undivided attention to ensure no element goes unnoticed. From having honest and open discussions with our clients, outlining clear expectations, to delivering a job we are proud of. Studio Detail is here to help.


Whether you come in needing a vehicle prepped to sell, your littles have used the back seat as their personal snack tray, you need that fresh start to the season, or cleaning away the visual stress riding in the cupholders and upholstery. We've got you covered.

Detailing a vehicle and giving it back to someone, is one of the most rewarding feelings. To know you helped in some way for that person. Do they care for someone with a compromised immune system and need a sanitized vehicle for transporting to treatments? Do they have multiple youngsters and need help getting the cheerios out? Are they going through a mental health journey and cleansing their vehicle would help them move more in a forward direction? 
Who knows. All we know, is that everyone is going through something, big or small. If this is a way that can help them, we're more than happy to do so.
Studio Detail, is more than just a business, we like to think it's the business of people, helping people.

Remember. "Every detail matters."


To learn more about our community impact with
 Jon's Journey.

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